Hardwood Floor Installation

Why use Prestige Inc. for your hardwood installation?

professional hardwood installation

Now that you made the decision to purchase hardwood floors for your home now all you have to do is get it installed right! Installing hardwood floor isn’t rocket science but if it is not done correctly bad things can and do happen. Unless you are very confident in your DIY skills you probably don’t want to be installing solid hardwood flooring yourself.

Here are few reasons why we should be installing your hardwood floors:

  1. We will provided you with detailed price quote in writing: with over XX years of experience installing floors, we know what is involved in different types of installations and know what to anticipate
  2. Checking Moisture and Acclimatizing Your Hardwood: It can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks for your new wood to acclimatize to its new location. Hardwood floor swells and contracts along with the moisture content of its immediate surroundings; expanding during the humid summer months and shrinking during the dry winters. Our installers will check the moisture of the sub-floors prior installation and will recommend proper sub-floor preparation.
  3. Proper Sub-floor Preparation: Before we lay down first hardwood plank, we thoroughly prepare the sub-floors. These need to be clean, flat and dry. If sub-floors are not leveled your hardwood floor won’t be either and that can lead to bouncy or squeaky floor boards.

We have our own installers with years of experience and all jobs are supervised by Tom Ragonesi personally. Please contact us to get your project started and don’t forget to visit our gallery to see some of our work.